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We consider it a privilege to serve patients and clients in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas and feel honored the community entrusts their needs to us. Each member of our practice is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest levels of expert, compassionate care.


Nursing Staff

Angie Hubbard

I was born and raised in Jacksonville and have worked for Dr. Shvartzman for eight years. I am currently performing many administrative duties for the practice including nursing supervisor, payroll, scheduling appointments, transcription, among other tasks. I have also recently become the nursing supervisor. From time to time, I also assist with various surgical and cosmetic procedures. I love the relationships I have created with our patients. I consider helping them the most rewarding part of my job and strive to give each one outstanding care.

Lisa McLaughlin

I have worked in the medical field for over 20 years acquiring surgical, general dermatology, and administrative experience. Additionally, I review all biopsy results and schedule the necessary follow-up appointments for patients. I have a helpful and friendly nature and am a very outgoing person. I have been married for thirty years and am the mother of two wonderful young men. I am a grandmother to a one year old grandson and enjoy spending all my free time (and money) on him. My interests are boating and doing projects around the house.

Trina Hamparsoumian

I was born in Florida and have been living in Jacksonville for almost 30 years. I have been working in the medical field for over 20 years. Ten of the twenty, I have been working for Dr. Shvartzman. I work to ensure patients’ needs are met with respect, compassion, integrity, and dignity. I perform patient triage and am the link between physician and patient in their time of need. I love my job, and it is with honor and pride that I get to work with Dr. Shvartzman and the team here at Precision Dermatology.

Mary Gillies

I am a medical assistant for Dr. Shvartzman. I am responsible for patient care and assisting in various surgical procedures. I am responsible for ensuring the efficiency of each medical examination and assuring each patient recieves outstanding care. I have over 15 years of experience in the medical field and have been working with Dr. Shvartzman for twelve years.

Bonnie Brantley

I have been in the medical field for twelve years. Ten and a half of these, I've been a dedicated surgical technician with Dr. Shvartzman, striving daily to assist the doctor in surgery and other procedures. I also assist Dr. Pilcher three days a week and love the oppurtinity to work alongside both physicians. I am an expert in numbing patients for procedures and my southern upbringing makes them feel comfortable.

Carla Cooper

I am a surgical technician on Dr. Shvartzman’s team. I am from the South, which has given me quite an easy-going nature. I get along with all walks of life and have a deep urge to help people. I thoroughly enjoy being part of a great team, a team which not only helps, but truly cares about each and every patient. Whatever the reason for your visit, I look forward to meeting you and assisting in your care at this fantastic dermatology practice.

Martina Septembre

I was born and raised in Florida and have always had a passion for helping others. Directly after high school, I earned my degree as a surgical technician in hopes of becoming a pillar for my community. I currently have six years of experience, three of those with Dr. Shvartzman. I am very determined and strive to assist in the needs of the patients on a daily basis. I am known for my charismatic personality, sense of impeccable style, and, most importantly, having a soft heart for people, especially our patients.

Melissa Akers

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been a medical assistant for seven and a half years. I have worked with Dr. Pilcher for three years and Dr. Shvartzman for six years. I help both physicians during general skin check appointments as well as in surgery. I also handle triage for Dr. Pilcher, assisting the patients with prescription questions/refills. Over the years I have come to know our patients and their families’ very well and love the day to day interactions I have with them.

Amanda Whitener

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been in the medical field for over ten years and have spent all ten years in the field of dermatology. I initally worked with Dr. Shvartzman many years ago and am very happy to be reunited with not only him, but my old-coworkers. I have since been expanding my knowledge base in dermatologic surgery to include general dermatology. I am excited to see the familiar faces of patients I have built relationships with long ago.

Shaun Wilson

I have been in the medical field for over 12 years, 8 of which have been in dermatology. I enjoy doing mohs surgery has well as helping patients with their everyday skin cancer needs. Outisde of work, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family.

Melissa Martin

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been in the medical field for 15 years, 12 of these in dermatology. I have had the pleasure of working with Angela Armstrong for all 12 years of those years. I am so happy to be re-united with her here at Precision Dermatology. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, which includes my son, who will be graduating this year and going off to college, and my dog Buddy.

Elizabeth Ruiz

Upon completing my medical assisting training, I found my calling in dermatology in 2013. I absolutely love my job. I love the fact that not only do I meet new people daily, I have the opportunity to create personal relationships with everyone I come across, learning a litle something about each patient along the way. The personal touch at Precision Dermatology is unlike any other office I have worked in. I believe helping and caring for others is what I was born to do. I hope to meet you one day in the near fduring you appointment in the near future!

Jeanelle Calderon

I have been a medical assistant for five years, spending the last two in the field of dermatology. During your visit, I will be assisting our general dermatologists with various procedures. I try my best to treat every patient like they were a member of my family, always displaying kindness and care.


Laboratory Staff

Steve McKenzie

I have been working with Dr. Shvartzman for the past sixteen years as the primary mohs technician. Over time, I have gained a wealth of experience preparing high quality slides. I take great pride assisting the doctor in removing skin cancer from his many patients. Our closely knit staff is my second family. Together, we treat patients in a professional and caring manner.

Huong Pham

I am a histology technologist. I graduated from Jacksonville University with a chemistry degree but was also interested in medical science. After college, I registered for the histology program at FSCJ, passing the ASCP and becoming a certified histotechnologist. I began working for Dr. Shvarztman two years ago when the lab expanded. I like Precision Dermatology because of the great work atmosphere, its high quality assurance, as well as the clean environment.


Front Desk / Billing

Tracy Belch

I have worked with Dr. Shvartzman for the past fourteen years, first as a receptionist, later in medical records, and then in the insurance department. I have a lot of knowledge in the various aspects of a dermatology office and can help with scheduling and billing questions. I am native to Jacksonville, with a husband and two beautiful children. Outside of work, I root for my kids at football, baseball, and cheerleading.

Geri Labreque

I have worked in the medical profession since arriving in Jacksonville 29 years ago and with Dr. Shvartzman for the past twelve. I have been involved with all aspects of the medical office, including front desk, collections, and billing. I now head the insurance and billing department at Precision Dermatology and Skin Surgery. When patients have questions regarding their insurance or statements, I would be happy to help.

Jackie Gaulding

I have worked in the medical field for a total of sixteen years, four in Primary Care and fourteen in dermatology with Dr. Shvartzman. I have worked in multiple front office postitions from check in and check out to front desk supervisor. This has allowed me to gain extensive knowledge in dealing with medical insurance. I take great pride in assuring that patients have the best customer service possible from start to finish. I am a Jacksonville native and enjoy doing various outdoor activities with my son.

Bridget Evers

I have worked in the medical field for over ten years and with Dr. Shvartzman for over four. I love the level of care that he and my fellow coworkers provide to our patients. I am proud to be a part of this group of talented and loving individuals and I believe it shows not only in the work that we accomplish, but also through the relationships which are built with our patients. I currently work at the front desk where I have the privilege of welcoming our patients. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Jacksonville in 2007. Because of the beautiful Florida weather, I enjoy playing softball and kickball year round. I was recently engaged to my fiance Ben and I look forward to building our life and family here in Jacksonville.

Breanne Barrett

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been in the medical field for 11 years, 5 of which were Dermatology. I have worked in multiple positions in the medical field, but enjoy working at the front desk the most. I love being able to interact with our patients and the front desk allows me to do so on a daily basis. I take pride in providing the best customer service skills possible to ensure patient satisfaction. Outside of work, I like to spend my free time hunting or doing anything and everything with my family.

Melissa Barber

I have been in the medical field for 22 years. The first seven years, I worked for an insurance company. I then transitioned to private practice with Dr. Shvartzman. After seven years, I moved into coding for emergency room physicians for two and a half years. I am not back with Dr. Shvartzman and couldn't be happier. I was born and raised here in Jacksonville, have two wonderful children, and am a Mimi to five precious little people.

Nina Kersten

I have worked in medical insurance and billing for almost 30 years. I initally worked with Dr. Shvartzman in 2002 for several years and am pleased to be reunited with him at his new practice. I am thrilled to be back with this group of wonderful individuals and excited for this new endeavor. Although I work primarily as a biller, I enjoy helping Precision Dermatology wherever I am needed. Outside of work, I am an avid reader, beachgoer, and above all, a doting "nana" to my first grandchild.

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